How Panel Designing Has Become Simplified, Cost-Effective And Precise?

aircraft instrument panel design are used extensively in a wide range of industries. They are a fixed display of instruments, that includes dials, lights and gauges, that apart from guiding the user on how to use the product, also oversee and monitor the performance of an aircraft, ship, car or machine or any other electronic gadget on which they are displayed.

The burgeoning demand for aircraft instrument panel design and the resultant increased production has created an industry for designing that caters to the designing needs of people from many industries, from custom boat builders, private airplane owners and manufactures of electrical components.

Naturally, the demand has seen many enterprising business people jump into the fray, but not all are efficient and good and the quality of any panel designer company hinges on the proficiency, excellence and clientsatisfaction of its production process.

Gone are the days, when designs were discussed orally and artists tried to draw sketches on paper, as per the user’s specifications. Today, most clients just go to the manufactures website and download the free interactive, software for front panel design that the manufacturer offers and one that is in consonance with the production process.

Once the program is downloaded, they just follow the instructions and in less than no time, the user-friendly program allows them to design their own panels and upload it for the manufacturer to execute the design.

This is how it is done:

Free Cad Program Is Downloaded By The Client:

The program is exceedingly simple to use and even those who have not had any previous experience with designing software or know what can be realizedwith CAD, can use it. A few clicks and you are on your way. Designing your own panel eliminates chances of errors and caters to your precise and exact requirements. Moreover, it saves on time and money.


Order Placed Through The System:

Once you design your model, the clientplaces his order with the panel manufacturer through the computer system. The manufacturer acknowledges the order and puts the production work in progress and keeps the client informed of its progress.


The Client Takes Delivery Of His Panel:

After the production is complete – faster than normal, as the initial time-consuming work of designing is already over, prior to placing the order, the manufacturer ships the panels as per the buyers specifications.


The Advantages of Interactive Panel Design:

The aircraft instrument panel design
works to the mutual benefit of the buyer and the seller and is also a godsend for equipment makers, who are proficient with the CAD design process. They want to design their own panels but outsource them for manufacturing. By designing them at their respective workplaces they are leaving nothing to chance in terms of design, costs and utility.


Interactive panel design eradicates the need to hire a professional designer which can be time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, you have the satisfaction of having designed it on your own and as per your requirements and tastes – after all no two individuals think alike.


Throughout the design process, the interactive system allows the clients to view what it is going to cost them, enabling them to make adjustments and modifications according to their budgetary constraints.



For one time users, buying expensive software is an expensive option and it all adds up to the cost of the panel. It certainly is not value for money. Using the conventional methods of hand drawn sketches or specifying requirements orally, leads to delay and chances of errors are high.


This interactive system enables you to design your own panels without investing in design software, making the whole process more precise, cost-efficient and faster.


Design Exactly What You Want: An Easy And Convenient Way To Designing

When you are looking for custom front panels, it is always advisable to specify to the manufacturer what you require. Choices and tastes differ from one individual to another and where one design will appeal immensely to someone, another may find it inadequate and impracticable.

What is best however is to be creative and design your own panels and upload them to the manufacturer to rule out all chances of errors and omissions. Most manufactures have their own free designer software on their websites, which you can download and start front panel designer.

The free software, apart from not costing you a penny, will also ensure that you get exactly what you want, at affordable rates. It may sound a daunting task for those not initiated with computer technology, but just after a couple of clicks you will know that the programs are user friendly and that if you just follow the simple instructions you can design your product down to minutest specifications. Instead of depending on hand sketches or oral specifications, where the risk of inaccuracy is great, this eliminates imprecisions.

What is more you stay in control of your costs and within your budgetary constraints. The program keeps calculating the costs and estimates throughout the process and you are in absolutely no danger of overshooting your budget or falling prey to unanticipated hidden costs.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the software:

Download a free CAD software. CAD is an acronym for ‘Computer Aided Design,’ and is tailor-made for use in industries that require designs. It is a virtual godsend to architects, engineers, artists and front panel makers. Prior to the advent of CAD, designs were made by hand – it was a cumbersome process and people with lesser artistic ability could not really put on paper what they had envisioned. CAD has eliminated all that. With the program, drawings can be moved, stretched, twisted – you can virtually do anything with it.

The Cad software will also allow you to alternate between two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) views, zoom in and out for close-up and distant views. Moreover, you can revolve images to view them from different angles. You can also increase or decrease the size of the images and manipulate the shape of the images according to your desire.

Most manufactures have CAD software is exceedingly user-friendly and includes instrument and front panel designer shapes that are most in demand. Just select the shape you want and drag and drop the shape, wherever you want it on your panel. If you are happy with it, fine, then move on to the next point in the panel, or choose another shape, from the hundreds displayed.

You can also choose the colors, the materials and the finish that you want and then bring them all together to complete the design and shape and reshape it until it is perfect and meets your specifications. While designing, the preformatted shapes will greatly ease the designing process, but the programs ability to calculate costs will ensure that you don’t overrun your budget. Once you are totally satisfied, on all parameters; usefulness, affordability, attractiveness and practicality, just upload it. Your duty is over; the manufacturer takes over from there.

How To Find The Right CAD Design Service Provider?

CAD services are becoming increasingly popular. Of the many varied reasons for this recognition, the most obvious reasons for this surge in popularity are the many alternatives and options available on the program and the scope and leeway the software provides to front panel design software simply and easily.

However, many users of CAD use it only for their specific purpose and do not really know how much more there is to the CAD software. For example did you know that through the software both two and three dimensional drawings can be produced? That any part of your drawing can be saved and used in later drawings or that the screen drawing area can be set to a size of your choice and preference?

Many a time the design that you create may not be feasible to produce. It can look simple to produce when you see it on the screen but in reality may not be so.

If you are not a professional CAD service provider and are using the software to create a design you are envisioning, for say the front panel of your choice, you may not necessarily create a design that is feasible or practicable. Hence, often it makes sense to choose the service of a good CAD front panel design software provider.

But how do you choose one? The obvious standard should be that they have a reliable and proven track record and a recognized reputation in the market. However, before you set out to seek the right provider, you would do well to read the following guidelines.

Ask For Customer Testimonials:

If you can find a service provider through your own contacts, that’s by far the best way of searching for one. You will know what you are venturing into and you have the recommendation of someone you know and trust. However, in case that is not feasible, seek testimonials and referrals. A service provider worth his salt will have a list of satisfied and contented clients. Customer feedback is a great way of analyzing the worth and quality of any company.

Check Portfolio Of Earlier Works:

Since the service provider must have been in the business for some time now, he will have accomplished considerable work and will surely have a portfolio of his chosen works. Ask to see it and judge if it is of the type that you require.

Check The Company’s Software:

The type of software one uses impacts the quality of work. The best rated and the latest software or software with proven quality, always delivers the best results. For example, the Proto Panel designer application ‘Cetina’ is a CAD front panel design software based program that has proved to be of immense value to companies who have used it to create their designs. It has the ability to calculate costs and its ability to send the design directly for production eliminates chances of errors caused by human intervention.

What Are The Additional Services The Company Is Providing?


Find out if apart from providing the basic CAD services they are also providing advanced solutions. What is the quality of their service, their customer support service, record of punctuality and delivering on time and above all are they cost-effective.

Why Computer Aided Design Software Has Revolutionized The Manufacturing Industry?

The benefits of using CAD, front panel designer
are enormous. Apart from superior precision in the design size computations, consistency and consonance of the methods, lucidity of the drawings the ease and comfort with which the software allows designs to be created is amazing and makes the software increasingly popular and widely accepted.

What then are the main strengths of the CAD program?

Accuracy And Precision: 

With CAD you can draw to scale and generate exceptionally accurate designs. Moreover, the front panel designer
can be rotated anyway you want and produced in two-dimensional or three-dimensional formats. Mathematical calculations are far more accurate in CAD software and the manual system of doing it pales in comparison. Apart from the bearings and the measurements the program also gives exact evaluation of the expenses involved and better scheduling of the process from manufacturing to delivering.

The Layout Is Your Drawing Sheet: 

Unlike in manual drawings, when you first choose a sheet and then pencil in the details, with CAD you straight away draw your design in an area that is called ‘model space.’ You then make changes and alterations as per your needs. Following this all you have to do is create a layout for your design in an area called ‘paper space.’ The layout is your drawing sheet.

Efficiency of Drawing:

Manual front panel design
making was a cumbersome process and needed constant erasing and re-doing using a variety of stationery, pencils, rulers, compasses and erasers. CAD has a variety of online tools that will help draw lines, figures of all shapes, curves, contours and circles can also be made without any difficulty. Moreover, you can edit the designs, copy them, rotate them and resize them – virtually everything that you want to do to let your creativity run riot.

Saves Time:

CAD saves considerable time. Physically drawing the design, drawing every line and meticulously ensuring that you don’t have to use the eraser time and again, is something you don’t have to worry about whilst creating designs on CAD. With CAD, your only implement is your mouse and with a simple click the online tools perform the tasks that you want them to do.

Drawings Are Easy To Understand:

The drawings are easy to understand and can be viewed in many ways, unlike the single dimensional view of manual designs. In manual designs, once the design is made its size and resolution cannot be changed. On the other hand, with CAD you can change the size and resolution of the design as per your needs.

Virtually Error-Free:

In the manual way of doing things, there were chances of human-errors creeping in. Prime amongst them being that the production engineer finds that the design that has been created cannot be manufactured as the measurements and other dimensions and other specifications are beyond the ability of the machines to manufacture them. There are built-in features in CAD software that help prevent design, drafting and documentation errors.

Designs And Data Can Be Saved:

front panel design
can be saved and kept for future reference. Many common components need not be re-created but can be used over and over again.

Custom Rack Panels: Find The Right Tools To Make Your Designing Dreams Come True

Prior to setting out locating the ideal custom rack panels of your preferred choice and design it is important to comprehend the expected capabilities and also where the appropriate material can be sourced. There are many manufactures of such panels in the market these days and, like in every burgeoning market, the custom rack panel market too has its share of the unprincipled, unreliable and make-hay-while-the-sun-shines operators. It is very important that you seek and find the right people, to give you the right products.

Adding to the difficulty of making the right choices, the products in the market these days come in varied sizes and styles, which significantly establish its performance and proficiency levels. The custom rack panels size is of utmost importance, since you cannot adhere to the one-size fits all theory. You have to know the precise measurement, the length and breadth and thickness of the panels before making the actual purchase. Each panel is used for an explicit and definite purpose and hence has to be made to well-defined specifications.

There are a few things to keep in mind, before you actually buy the required merchandise. What is the design that you have in mind? The style and size are also equally important and should be determined well in advance. Comprehend and understand the fundamental distinctiveness and uniqueness of the modules and identify the spaces where the audio and video implements will be installed.

The companies that provide the best products can be expected to offer free-online computer programs that aid you in creating your own design, through simplified step-by-step procedures that easy to comprehend and put into practice. Moreover, the program enables you to see what the merchandise is going to cost you.

As a matter of fact the program even enables you to reshape your design if it is not within your means or you are over-shooting your budget. You can add or remove features and see on the screen the extra costs and savings that will enable you to come up with the best possible design. Imagine the amount of time wasted, if it had to be done through constant feedback from the provider.

When it comes to using a truly outstanding software for designing, especially panel designing, Proto Panel’s CAD software ‘Cetina’ is hard to beat. It has made the process of designing increasingly simplistic, which can be easily operated by all from professionals to the people who are not so computer savvy.

The program has easy to understand simple menus and an advanced graphical user interface. The design process is straightforward and uncomplicated. What is more it enables you to calculate and evaluate costs and amend and revise the design according to your cost considerations. Furthermore, if you decide to order with Proto Panel, you can place the order directly online and simply transfer the design directly to the company’s secure server.

And best of all you can download it free from the Proto Panel website. This not only saves you considerable time and money but also ensures that you have a program that is tailor-made for your needs.

CNC Technology: Bringing The World Of Software And The World Of Manufacturing Together

Kennewick, Washington based Proto Panel Company, a leading name, in the business of electronics and industrial control systems design and manufacturing attributes much of its ability to offer full-proof, error-free client-specific products, to the use of CAD and cnc milling panels Technologies.

A lot is known about the CAD or Computer Aided Design software but relatively not too many people are aware of the advantages and values that cnc aluminum engraving or Computer Numerical Control can bring to their respective businesses.

The advent and widespread use of the CAD/CAM software and CNC technology has made manufacturing of panels so precise and exact, that all other prevailing methods have been rendered archaic and outdated.

CNC reads code and other client instructions and drives a machining tool to make the product, to the exact design and specifications of the client – not deviating by even a millimeter, so precise is its performance.

In layman language CNC is the technology that marries the world of software to the world of manufacturing to ensure that the union brings forth output that is efficient, effective and exceptional.

CNC technology is a great improvement on the earlier NC machining that was not computer compatible and hence could not be programmed to accommodate and address client needs. cnc aluminum engraving on the other hand, not only works in tandem with the computer, but once programmed can be left alone to manage the work on its own, leading to speedier work. Owing to its compatibility with computer aided design, it seamlessly adapts to changes and modifications in design and even to completely new designs.

Moreover, it has error detection softwarethat will notify the user when any impediment occurs, so that the problem can be remedied as soon as possible.

Human involvement in the manufacture of the product has been significantly lessened and in many cases not required at all, eliminating mistakes made by human error.Since the machine can perform the job independently, one can get the people to work on other things, getting the next job ready or tending to other responsibilities.

With CMC technology the practice of drawing the design on paper has become redundant. Through the use of computer aided manufacturing software package, the design is sent directly to the machine which then goes about its job with precision and accuracy.

Through this technology, manufactures find making angular, arched and curved cuts as easy and simple as straight cuts. The technology has also enabled 3D structures to be made.Moreover, it has the capacity to produce large quantities of the product, without compromising on quality, details or specifications throughout the production process.

Apart from easing the manufacturing process it has also increased productivity, the quality of the product is unmatched, the probability of errors is virtually zero and above all it makes the product to the minutest specifications of the client.

The Proto Panel Company has mastered the art of manufacturing through Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and cnc milling panels technologies. The quality of the company’s products and the efficiency and dependability of the service they provide is living testimony to their indomitable will, single-minded dedication and an unrelenting commitment to their goals and objective of providing the best possible service to their clients.

Airplane Instrument Panel: The Pilot’s Best Friend, MonitorAnd Guide In The Sky

An airplane is a sophisticated well-crafted flying machine that harbors within itself an intricate world of mechanisms and systems that ensures total passenger safety. However, all the activities that we take for granted, from the aircraft instrument panel design taking off to his landing, is monitored and supervised by its instrument panel – the single most important part of the urbane flying machine.

When you first view the aircraft instrument panel design it is indeed a daunting sight – gauges, dials, knobs and digital display can seem like a maze unmanageable to navigate. You marvel at the pilots who are experts at handling them and even more at those who manufactured them.

The instrument panel makes for an interesting study and is worth understanding in detail. Over the glare shield, which is to the aircraft what a dashboard is to the car, is the windshield. This is the main flight instrument for visual flight rules.

This provides the pilot, with its built-in horizon, an excellent idea of how high the aircraft is flying. Pilots rely more on this than the gauges below even though the gauges give an exact reading. Pilots rely on the gauges in inclement weather when the windshield becomes misty and unclear.

The middle of the panel contains the radio stack. This helps in communicating with Air Traffic Controllers on the ground. This comes in extremely handy when the custom aircraft instrument panels is facing an emergency or when landing signals are not clear.

Straight ahead from where the pilots sit in the cockpit are the main flight instruments – basically there are six of them, the airspeed indicator, the altimeter, attitude indicator,heading indicator, turn coordinator, and airspeed indicator.

The airspeed indicator is a gauge that informs the pilot how fast the aircraft is traveling and the rate at which it is ascending or descending.

The main purpose of the altitude indicator is to demonstrate to the pilot alignment of the aircraft relative to the earth and indicates if the aircraft’s nose is up or down. This is of crucial importance, for if the nose is up it means that the custom aircraft instrument panelscustom aircraft instrument panels is slowing and is gaining altitude, whereas if it is pointing downwards, it means that it is descending at escalated speed.

The heading indicator as the name indicates simply tells the pilot in which direction you are headed. Surely if you have boarded the flight to go to Washington, you don’t want to end up in New York do you? The heading indicator ensures that the aircraft remains on course to its scheduled destination.

The instrument panel helps the pilot determine issues like speed, altitude and conform with the scheduled flight plan – unlike driving a car on the road, the pilot does not have traffic cops to direct him, or parking spots in case he wants to take a break, – his direction signs are his panel which help him or her navigate the plane day or night and in any weather conditions, the panel is the pilot’s best friend.

Naturally such an important and crucial piece of machinery must meet the highest standards and quality of work and must be totally error-free. Proto Panel is a company that has created an exalted place for itself in the instrument front panel industry. Their technological expertise shines through every project and their front panels are always, highly efficient, perfectly functional and elegant as well.

Apart from aerospace, Proto Panel supplies custom front panels and custom aircraft instrument panels to many research & development departments and companies in both the government and private sectors across a wide-range of industries, including communication, automotive and medical industries.